Google is focusing to explore the alternative to Apple’s New Anti-Tracking feature, through which it will be able to make the balance between the privacy of users and the financial needs of advertisers

Through Apple’s new privacy feature, which is called App tracking transparency, the users of iPhone can give permission to the app to collect data about them. Many companies who sell ads are not much happy with Apple’s privacy policy in which Apple company has given the rights to its users, whether they allow the company or not to take information about them. If they do not want to give the information about them, they can simply reject it. This feature of the iPhone and iPad can impact the revenue of advertisers a lot. Facebook has also complained about the feature that will affect the advertisement of its social network and its revenue generation.

However, Google is looking for an alternative that will be less restrictive and will not require a prompt to opt into data tracking. Google said that it is giving the priority to its users’ privacy as well as the financial needs of advertisers. Google does not want to affect the revenue generation of the advertiser.

This alternative feature of Google is in the first stage of development and it is possible that it may take months to be launched. Many advertisers are appreciating the step of Google.

According to a report, more than 100 billion dollars are generated in annual digital advertisement sales, and Google wants to maintain such revenue through its android devices, and it will also maintain the privacy policy of the users. The people who are much conscious about their privacy will have no issues regarding such features. This feature will limit the data collection of users and cross-app tracking on the Android operating system in such a way that will be less strict than Apple’s ad tracking transparency.

Google is developing the privacy standard for web browsing named Privacy Sandbox. Through which Google can work with the developers while maintaining the privacy of the users and will simultaneously build a strong ad-supported app ecosystem, this is what Google’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Through such features, Google can also grab big brands to its platform. Google also offers developers a framework so that they can advertise their apps by using the Google ads. Google said that through Apple’s new privacy feature, the revenue generation of advertisers will be affected.

Google’s new feature could be similar to Chrome Web browser changes, as the company said to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome in the next two years. Google has also developed Federated Learning of Cohorts that will give information to the advertisers about the specific interests of people they can target. Google is trying a similar approach on its Android operating system.

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