Google is rolling out a ‘’News showcase’’ product to promote the journalism, and to pay the publishers for the content in Australia, due to a dispute over a projected law

Google wants to bring more partners of Australian media on its platform in the future. Recently, due to a dispute between Google and the Australian government, Google has decided to launch the News Showcase product to promote journalism and especially independent publishers. Google wants independent publishers to earn more money through a subscription or selling their links. Therefore, Google is bringing this plan of 1 billion dollars to pay the publishers during the hard times of COVID-19 where people are losing their jobs. So, it will be much helpful for the publishers to earn money online.

Those publishers whose content appears in cross-service can take the benefit of this product. Google’s News showcase product is specially introduced in Australia after a dispute between the company and the government of Australia. Google’s product is focusing on regional and independent publishers and will support the publishers financially.

This product will consist of swipe-able cards name story panel that will show the timelines, headlines, and detailed articles of the news. Google is further planning to introduce videos and audio in New showcase in the coming future. According to a report, we spend almost four hours of a day in browsing, so it will be helpful to read the news during the same time while working from homes, or offices. That will also be helpful for the news publishers to put their content on a platform and get the easy money. Further, Google will also investigate the news before it posting to bring truthful and authentic news to the viewers.

This launch of Google is the alternative to the upcoming law of the Australian government. Australia was expected to be among the first countries to get the news showcase, but such plans were changed after the proposed laws. Now Google is looking to change its course but trying to give incentives to the publishers. Therefore, Google has decided to give monthly payments to the publishers who are the participators of News Showcase, Google will also provide incentives to those who are giving access to the articles behind their paywall. Through the News showcase, the independent publishers will not only receive the amount in the form of subscription but also the relationship between the publishers and readers will become much stronger.

Source: Google.

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