How The World Is Rapidly Adapting The eCommerce Trend As Per Reports

In 2020, if there was one story that really stood out (all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that took place) then that has to be of the rise in the eCommerce trend. Consumers from all around the world started to depend more on buying all sorts of things online and this was also very much visible in Digital 2021 report provided by HootSuite and WeAreSocial.

According to it, almost 77% of internet users between the age group of 16 to 64 have bought something from the eCommerce platforms every month and when it comes to which country made the most number of online purchases then Indonesia stood on top with more than 87% respondents now relying on online buying.

Much to one’s surprise, this figure has turned out to be more than places like USA, China and UK where platforms like Amazon and Ali Baba exist for almost everything.

Going down the list, Egypt turned out the be the last with just 57% of internet users admitting that they made online purchases in the past month. The worldwide average however has been 76.8%.

All of these figures also make the case very interesting for what people actually bought online every month.

Hence, on the similar matter, the report presented by Statista shows that the Fashion & Beauty category had the largest share of global B2C eCommerce revenues in 2020 with $665 billion USD to be exact.

Furthermore, for the first time ever in the series of Global Digital Reports the category of Travel was nowhere to be seen in the largest share of revenue, which of course highlights the fact how travel and tours are just so very impossible for now. Overall, the online revenues in the Travel, Mobility & Accommodation category decreased down by 50% on a year-on-year basis. This also resulted in a drop of over half a trillion US dollars for annual consumer spending.

The fall in travel made way for Food & Personal Care as it then rose up as the fastest-growing consumer eCommerce category in 2020. The numbers for this category are only expected to increase as the COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures are here to stay and online shopping will continue to be the only way to save lives. Food & Personal Care’s annual revenues went up to $400 billion USD in 2020, which is a 40% increase if we compare it with the previous year.

Looking at the numbers of growth in each category it is quite visible that categories that saw a good rise will continue to experience the same even post COVID-19. The pandemic just introduced the world to the comfort of buying stuff straight from their bedroom through a phone.

It will now only depend on the companies that are dominating in each category as whether will they be able to cash onto the opportunity and take the trend to the next level or not.
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