Google Docs introduced a new feature that will notify when someone is offline and will also mention the date and time of their availability

Google is always on the go into updating and introducing new features for their users. Google Docs, by Google is a free web based word processor in which one can create and edit documents and share them with anyone across platforms from any device having an internet connection.

Google Workspace launched in 2006 as Google Apps and rebranded as G-Suite in 2016, has a bunch of tools for productivity and collaboration. It consists of software developed by Google for its users. G-Suite is used by people who have hours long of work and need quick and accessible tools right in front to save time. What’s also included with Google Workplace or G-Suite is Google docs, email, chat, meet, calendar, drive and many more tools helpful for work purposes.

With most of the people now working from home, G-suite served as something very useful to many people. Out of the many things it has to offer, Google Docs on G-suite has introduced a new clever feature which will alert you when you’ve tagged a colleague who is offline at that moment. With the situation of the on-going pandemic, many people might need to take time off from work or quarantine themselves; it might get a little hard to get the message across of the non-availability among colleagues. This feature will help other colleagues get notified. Google Docs that allows several people to work on the same document will also be mentioning the date and time of the user’s availability.

To mark yourself offline, you would just have to select the ‘out of office’ option on Google calendar and the rest will be figured out by Google docs. When someone will mention the person who has marked itself offline on their Google calendar, the Docs will show a banner letting it known that the person is not available and also the date and time of their availability. If several people mark themselves as offline, the banner will list every one’s name and their date of availability as well. This allows you to save time and not rely on someone who is offline.

This feature will for sure prove to be useful for people as every other feature that Google has come up with till now. This update has already been in use for G-Suite users and will be available for everyone worldwide by the end of February.

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