Google Ends Internal Stadia Games Development, Opts for Third Parties

Google is making a move into the world of gaming through its Stadia streaming platform, and it’s a move that has gone reasonably well for the company if you think about it. It has started to change the way people think about games by taking the focus away from expensive and heavy duty machinery that can allow them to play games in the first place. Instead, gamers would get the chance to play whatever game they want as long as they have a device such as a smartphone or a laptop since they would be able to use Google’s cloud for processing power, thereby making games a great deal more accessible because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing low quality machines from restricting the games that you can play.

Another rather ambitious aspect of this plan was that Google planned to create games in house as well, but the company has not been quite as successful in this regard. Google has announced that it is dissolving its in house game development team and will focus on working with third parties regarding things like this instead.

Game development is not something that Google has all that much experience with, and after dabbling in it a little bit the tech giant probably decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble since third party developers who specialize in this sort of thing would be able to make far better games and collaborating with them would bring a great deal more credibility to the platform as well which is something that Google sorely needs. This will allow Google to focus on what it does best and make it so that gamers can play top of the line games on any device that they might have on them.

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