According to the CEO of Reddit, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey do not need the rules and regulations, because they always do what is right for their users

Reddit is a network of communities that is based on the interests of people, where people can find the communities according to their interest and can become a part of it. This looks like the CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman is highly inspired by the rules of Mack Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook and Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter, Huffman thinks that these two CEOs just work on merit so they do not need to be learned about ethics and rules. They just do what is right for their users, no matter who is in the way, even the President of the USA.

He appraised the actions which Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey took against Donald Trump that they banned his account from Twitter and Facebook after the Capitol insurgency. He further said that Mack Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey do not spare the violation of rules on their platform. So, no one is allowed to make hate speech on their giant platforms whether from the Democrats or from Republicans. He said that these platforms need no involvement of the Government because they make their own rules which is best for their users and which is also based on ethics and moral values. This is what the CEO of Reddit said on a podcast in New York Times.

He defended the social networks, by saying that it is the duty of social media platforms to protect the users against hate speech. Still, the social media platform has learned a lot from their mistakes, more improvements are still inevitable. He further said that Facebook and Twitter may get some restrictions from the USA government, maybe it’s a hard time for these companies.

Reddit has a small group of moderators reviewing forums. It is possible that Government may impose some restrictions on social media platforms, so Reddit may have to invest more money in its moderators’ team so that they cannot put all the responsibility on its users. Because giant platforms like Facebook and Twitter go through a lot of scrutiny from lawmakers. Whereas, the Republicans think that it was pre-planned to ban Donald Trump from their platforms to lower the voice of conservatives. While the democrats think that these platforms are promoting the Capitol riots. According to democrats, these social media networks have spread misinformation, hate speech, and sharing violent content from their sites.

Facebook has set up a team to review the decision of content removal. These giant tech companies including Apple, Amazon, and Google have the accusations of creating a monopoly at the expense of their consumers. Reddit is also under investigation after the GameStop frenzy. Huffman argued that their trades are legal and if there is any issue the regulators will see, and the shares in GameStop fell up to 30 percent this Monday.

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