Clubhouse in hot water after major data loss

In the past years, Clubhouse has been an emerging social audio platform. But in recent months, with the significant rise of online streaming app zoom, Clubhouse has faced a downfall. The rapid growth of the zoom app has led to increased criticism of its processes and some of the major vulnerabilities came forward that needs to be quickly resolved. To again satisfy the users and to avoid further problems, it is important to look after the app processes so that it will again gain user engagement.

Lately, the privacy policy of the Clubhouse had faced serious threats as a group of hackers got access to the audio files and re-recorded those files to spread personal data to the third party.

Bloomberg highlights the situation in a statement that says that an unknown person gets access to all the audio files from different rooms. In the meanwhile, the company has made sure that person is now permanently restricted and they are working to upgrade their security policies to prevent such issues.

Several web researchers and security experts have warned about the potential harms of the Clubhouse security policy and the possible exposure of its systems. The data breaching might be a serious problem for the platform in terms of its ratings.

In this regard, Clubhouse has faced some serious issues in managing the app and controlling this security problem as the live interaction on the app makes it more difficult to restrict and banned the conversations that have a potential risk of encroaching into the territory concerned.

Users have been receiving conspiracy theories about the vaccine of the Coronavirus and the pandemic situation. It is even more harmful that such users might get abused or harassed by the same persons calling out those claims. Some users have expressed fear regarding the harassment and abuse cases that pressurize the app workers to strengthen their protection steps. Nonetheless, Clubhouse has admitted that they are working to prevent such mishaps. Last month, Clubhouse highlighted the major portions where improvement is needed the most including management and enhanced user security.

However, it is important to note that it is not possible for Clubhouse to cover all the required improvements in a short time but considering the problems, the app is still on in invite-only mode.

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