The Google Web Recorder app is now live and it transcribes audio files uploaded form a Pixel phone

The Google Pixel smartphones are loved by everyone that has used it till now. All the phones that have been released yet are best known for their camera results. One of the most awaited feature from the Google Pixel smartphones was the voice recording app. Google Recorder Web app is currently available on web through Google Pixel phones that also allows you to get real transcriptions of your audio recordings. What can be more exciting than this?

This feature and app was first launched by Google in 2019 with the release of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL and became available for all the previous versions of Pixel the same year. The voice recorder app only transcribes without a data connection in US English only at the current moment. If you are a Pixel smartphone user, this must be exciting for you as you can now take note down your meetings notes, lectures and anything you wish to hear later on in life. The Recorder app will note down your audios that you record and through this way you won’t have the hurdle of time consumption while taking notes. Taking hours long of lectures especially during this quarantine hasn’t been this easier. The Recorder Web app will even tag you in lectures of the topics you search for, it even allows you to trim your recordings just by emitting sentences through the transcriptions. This feature however, is only available to do from the Google Pixel’s recording app. You can even change the layout of how you want to listen to your audio recordings by the play, pause, rewind, jump and forward button.

Pixel users can find their transcriptions for their recordings on the Web app that has gone live recently. The Web app also allows you to ‘share, play and search your audio’. The audio recordings backed up from the Recorder app from Google Pixel phones are also shown on the Web app.

With the release of Google Pixel 5, the Recorder app allows editing and sharing on social media platforms but it is still not confirmed whether all of these features will be on the Web app or not. It must also be noted that the Web app only allows the audio recordings to be transcribed that are uploaded by a Google Pixel phone, and it will not allow users to record audios.

Recording audios and then getting them in transcribed form is a great feature for when you want to record something, save it and listen to it later on in life. Save your precious memories by recording them and avail this feature through a Google Pixel smartphone!

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