Facebook and Instagram’s Cross Messaging Feature and What Does It Do?

Facebook has come a long way and now holds a really large empire under its name. While Facebook is a social media app itself, it has now acquired and merged social medias like Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp under its name but that is not all Facebook has merged.

While Facebook previously has brought a lot of changes and new features on its main as well as associated applications this one change was probably the biggest step the company has ever taken. Facebook worked towards merging the messaging system between Messenger and Instagram and successfully introduced a cross-app messaging feature between the two apps.

This feature will help you to communicate with users on either app without changing the application. For example, if you have a friend who is not on Instagram but is on Facebook Messenger and you find some really cool or some really funny post on Instagram that you want to share with them, you can simply type their name on Instagram and their Messenger username will appear and you can send them it there and then only. The only thing you need to keep under consideration is that you both have the cross messaging feature enabled. Apart from searching and messaging people from one app to another this cross messaging feature gives you the opportunity to make video calls and re-sharing posts between the two apps that is Facebook and Instagram as well.

However, your privacy is the company’s main concern and therefore not every random person can search up and message you. It depends on you who you will give access to communicate with you between the apps. To decide who can contact you and where you receive message requests you will have to head over to the Message Delivery System on Facebook. If you have enabled the cross messaging feature, keep it in mind that users on both applications can see your Active Status however since they do not follow you or are not added directly on either accounts your stories from either of the application will not be visible to the them.

The Tech world is moving forward day after day towards more and more advanced features and this cross messaging between two of Facebook associated application is the biggest achievement of the company but we for sure know that this is not where it will stop. Therefore, as much as people enjoy this feature we cannot wait to see what the social media giant introduces in the future.
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