LinkedIn has added some new tools for company pages including content recommendations, facilitating employee’s advocacy, audience data gathering, and boosting up organic promotion

LinkedIn has added new tools for company pages to boost up the organic promotion and tried to connect them with more employees through such pages. You will now see it for the first time ‘My company Tab’ in your company tab in which can find the suggestions, ideas list. You will now be available to share such posts to increase your promotion and internal engagement of the employees. Page admin can now curate content through the latest added tool and can suggest the articles to reshare with other colleagues which are trending. LinkedIn has added a new feature of analytics that will help you to measure the impact of your employee advocacy program, according to the statement LinkedIn.

These tools were originally part of LinkedIn’s Uplift advocacy programs which LinkedIn has now expanded into different categories. In the year 2019, LinkedIn added Elevate functionality into sales navigator through which the salesperson can get the suggestion from their Navigator dashboard. Now LinkedIn has decided to bring further employee advocacy programs into its normal company pages. These pages will help you to build a targeted approach to your branding efforts to LinkedIn by using the profile of your employees or your colleagues.

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LinkedIn knows that 60% of people are more attracted to the post of co-workers instead of viewing the post of other brands , and 14x people will share most probably the content of organization’s page as compared to the other brands, and it is a general tendency of workers because they have a strong bonding with the co-workers or with the organization they are working with. LinkedIn will also show the details of products or services which the company offers on its page. With the help of this feature, you will now be able to promote the specific product with the LinkedIn audience, However, only B2B software is available on the company page for now.

Many companies have used this feature to promote their specific product or service, as according to the data of LinkedIn, 12,000 products were posted on the company pages by 10,000 companies. It is directly or indirectly promoting ad targeting, segmentation, research, and others. LinkedIn has now announced that companies’ pages can now be posted on LinkedIn stories, and each business can swipe-up the links attached to the LinkedIn stories frames.

LinkedIn has also added a Lead gen form to your company’s product for free of cost and will provide your more exact lead through pe-filled forms populated with users’ profile.

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