Facebook and Instagram have come up with new features and updates that are for sure to be in much use by everyone around us

Over the past years, many popular social media platforms have really outdone themselves with coming up with new updates and features that has made the overall experiences nothing but exciting for everyone. Instagram and Facebook are the top apps that are used the most. Instagram was bought by Facebook on 2012 and the app has introduced many new features since then. We will be discussing about the new features from both of these apps which are for sure to increase your usability in them!

Talking about Instagram first, it is a photo and video sharing app that has improved and become more popular ever since it was bought from Facebook in 2012. As per app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, soon users will be able to search for hashtags on certain areas on the map, this way you’ll know which hashtags are the most in trending on certain places!
The trend of hashtags was started by Twitter and this is that type of trend that can never ever go old and will always remain on the track! Hashtags are the perfect way to search for something in particular or just to browse through anything. We can all agree on this if we say that Instagram literally has something of some sort for every single variant out there!

Another feature that is in the development, will allow Instagram users to block multiple people at once! This can be done by blocking any one user and any new accounts that can end up being made from that same user. According to Paluzzi, "Instagram continues to work on the feature to block multiple people at once by adding the ability to block a user and any new accounts they might create".

The one app that started it all, Facebook! Based in California and developed by Mark Zuckerberg. We’ve seen Facebook evolve and get updated through the years. The many updates and features developed by this company have been loved by every single one of us. Now the social media giant is rolling out another handy feature for its users. Ever uploaded a story on Facebook and wanted for that same story to get to Instagram too? Well you won’t have to go through the hurdle of uploading the same stories on Instagram again as now Matt Navarra reveled that Facebook will now allow users to choose for their same Facebook stories to get uploaded on Instagram stories either for that one time or for always. This for sure can be useful for people who use Facebook to upload their stories.

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