The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook Talked About Innovation and life in a new video and is receiving much love and admiration from the people of China

Tim Cook is getting enormous amount of love and respect from China as he made an appearance in a video and talked about the different aspects of life that everyone has to face at some point or another.

No matter what, each one of us has had a moment in our lives where we think of the innovation and the technology that has developed so rapidly over the years around us today. Tim Cook appeared on the video of an engineering student He Tongxue who is an influencer on the Bilibili platform. The Bilibili platform is a video sharing site in China based in Shanghai. Tongxue first got famous when he went viral with his video of experiencing 5G in daily use.

Tim Cook, the CEO of the huge tech company Apple, discussed during his appearance of how 2020 has been a year filled with innovation, Apple released many new devices and Mr. Cook believes that there is no one formula of innovation and it only comes from within. When innovation and creativity work together they make something gigantic and unique, and he wasn’t wrong as these two things are the most important when it comes to creating something life changing.

Tim Cook also acknowledged that many of the Apple’s much loved features were inspired by none other than China, from 5G to the night mode and the QR effect on camera, all of these features were generated from China and Apple then installed them into their devices as well.

What anyone from the younger generation would ask from a successful person, Tongxue asked Cook of how young people can find jobs that they are truly passionate about. Cook answered this by giving references from the sayings of Steve Jobs. He told Tongxue that Steve always said that when you’ll find something worth your time, you’ll know it then and there that that job is for you. You must have that drive to thrive in whatever you do and must fully know that the things you are doing are resulting in something better for the people around you and for the world. When you know that your job is making a difference, that’s when you truly find your purpose in life. You will love going to that specific work every day in the morning and will never get burned out because every day you’ll be doing something you love for the people and just like that we know that these saying by Steve right here is relatable to many out there!

The video got over millions of views and mentions on more popular social platforms like Weibo.

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