Apple to launch Apple Glasses, cameras with 8k resolution power and a new eye tracking technology with its AR headsets

Augmented Reality (AR) has been in news for quite some time with different multinational companies planning one thing or the other for its future and of course to provide the best of this platform to their users. In Augmented Reality a user is able to have an experience where the objects of the real world are merged with those of the virtual world where digital content is changed along with the user’s environment all in all providing with an astonishing digital experience.

With many digital platforms planning big for AR. Apple has been in news for that for a while now. With Apple soon to release AR headsets and associated items, people are expecting nothing but big from this company. Many items have been speculated from Apple, recently it has been reported that Apple might be releasing Apple Glasses as well for that overall AR experience, Apple’s soon to be launched head set will contain more than a dozen cameras having 8k displays each and a new advanced technology which will make mark for eye tracking of the user.

Apple has always aimed for its products to be the absolute best in the market for its consumers, but that doesn’t mean it goes the same for the price. It has been speculated that the whole head set would be put at a price of $3000; this price for sure will make Apple’s set to stand more in the market to the professionals than to the consumers. It has also been there in the rumor market that Apple Glasses can also feature the company’s new M1 chipset as seen in their recent devices. With this chipset installed in the Apple glasses, the 8k resolution power in each camera, eye tracking and other features on the work according to the rumors going round, the price tag of $3000 is more than likely at this point.

Like many features being expected from Apple via the rumor market, one of them is also that Apple may include a device which can act as a control interface for the user, having a control that can track both the hands and eye side by side.

All of these features are just speculations but it won’t be wrong to say that this and all of the other features which we’ve heard till now through news is for sure expected from a company like Apple.
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