Mark Zuckerberg made a short appearance on the Clubhouse app and talked about the future of AR and VR and Facebook’s progress on it

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, made a short appearance on the audio-only Clubhouse app as ‘Zuck23’. Clubhouse is a new social networking app that provides audio-only rooms. The recent club house meeting was hosted by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and CEO Vlad Tenev. They discussed about the crisis which the game stock market is in these days. Mark Zuckerberg talked about the future of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and also discussed about the contribution the company will be providing to these two platforms in the near future and the progress it has made till now.

Talking about the corona virus pandemic and how it hit everywhere else Mark Zuckerberg said that one thing that this pandemic and the lockdown has taught is that working doesn’t always require physical appearances and that work can be done from home and from anywhere as well, he said that VR and AR platforms can make that happen more fully in the future. VR will unlock the chance where one can live anywhere he wants but can also be present at someplace else and still feel like he’s actually there. With the work Facebook’s Reality Lab is doing these days it is soon to be expected that Facebook will make this happen soon virtually and that is the main focus of the Labs as well, i.e. to create the sense of presence without actually being present physically. Mr. Zuckerberg also believes that everyone should be teleporting and not transporting, Facebook has a plan set out for the future of four to five years for AR and VR platforms and with these plans all of the above mentioned things are to happen soon.

According to Josh Constine, the private equity investor, Mark Zuckerberg says that the main aim for these technologies is to develop something small enough to fit into that body. Such technologies will also get the work to be done even from remote working areas and half of the workforce is likely to work from these areas over the next decade or so.

Mr. Zuckerberg said that Facebook’s progress regarding these platforms is at the correct pace and these tasks are to be done very carefully, responsibly and thoughtfully.

Andrew Bosworth, currently the vice president of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook tweeted that Facebook is working towards making remote areas more developed to be worked from at and is trying to make a mixed reality environment. He also mentioned that floating displays will be shown that will be able to move and resized via only gesture control. The user will be able to take over shortcuts on a keyboard with a virtual taskbar, including the windows and facebook icon.

Featured photo: AP

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