Apple Is About To Make iPhone’s Security Impenetrable For Hackers

Apple’s new security technique in iOS 14.5 version has been made to be almost impossible for nation-states hackers to hack the iPhones. Being the world’s biggest smartphone making company and now the largest phone-selling company from October 2020 till December 2020 by selling over 80 million iPhones in just three months. After the launch of iPhone 12, 12 pro, and 12 pro max, apple has left Samsung much behind in terms of sales.

Lately, the cyber hackers sponsored by the states were using 0click exploits as they are called, in which without the users' interaction the phones can be hacked in order to spy and gather intelligence.

Back in 2016, United Arab Emirates’ government intelligence hackers used the ‘karma’ a 0-click tool code used for hacking iPhones and hacked into hundreds of phones.

Also last year thirty six journalists and editors working at AlJazeera news network, which is known to be one of the world’s largest news organizations, were targeted and spied through the zero-click iPhone hack, which was later revealed by the Citizen Lab, a digital rights group.

Now, in order to get control over the whole hacking and attacking situation, apple has come forward with pointer authentication code (PAC) which is used to prevent hackers from sending any malicious codes into the phones, using the cryptographically authenticate pointers.

As said by some iPhone hackers that’ some of the hacking methods and techniques are now useless because of the new security feature’.

But, the technology has no limit and no security system is foolproof, the professional cyber heads and geeks can always learn new methods to hack into the new security system.

According to Jamie Bishop, a member of the jailbreak Checkra1n developing team said, there’s always going to be some kind of flaw or glitch in the system, whether that be in Pointer Authentication Code or a totally different hacking method, and when there is a will, there is always a way out.

Apple was also seen updating its software in January 2021 for security issues and bugs in the previous version.

Via: Motherboard.

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