Microsoft supports ‘Australian-Style’ laws on news content for the payment of publishers, allies with the EU against the big tech companies

As Facebook and Google announced during the COVID-19 pandemic to make payments to Australian publishers through their platforms. Microsoft company wants to take advantage internationally. Microsoft company announced it on Monday that it is standing with the four major European publishers’ lobbying groups that support Australian-style legislation on news content so that the publishers get paid from big tech companies by posting their content on these platforms. Europe’s press publishers and Microsoft has agreed to work together on a solution through which publishers will get paid for hosting their news content by the gatekeepers that have dominant power in the world according to the blog post of Microsoft.

Microsoft further said that it will be pushing for adjudication provisions in-laws as Australia is ready to pass its new media digital platforms mandatory bargaining code, in which the lawmakers will force the digital media to pay the news publishers for hosting their content on the platform, and direct these digital media to give premonition about any changes to their algorithms.

Microsoft said in a report that it wants the fair remuneration of the publishers when their news content is being used by the big tech like Facebook and Google, however, these two companies have a right to negotiate the payments with the publishers but there is no chance that these two companies refuse to make payments to the publishers who have worked hard even in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. There should an arbitral panel which decides the fair price based on an assessment of the benefits received by each party in having the content, these gatekeepers’ platforms should also be included, and any excessive burden an amount would be placed on these platforms.

The President of News Media Europe has said that we should learn from the experiences of Australia and France that there should be an agreement between these giant platforms which take complete benefits from the news content of publisher without making any payment, as there is a real need of binding instrument to address intrinsic inequalities in bargaining power with Facebook and Google.

The arbitration mechanism will support the small publishers who do not have the power to negotiate a fair market price for their news content and balance agreement with these gatekeepers, who might walk away from making an agreement or leave the market entirely.

The Vice President of Microsoft has said that we want to support and promote journalism, therefore, we have initiated to invest in media, and we are sharing a large portion of our revenue with the press publishers.

Photo: Wellesenterprises via Getty Images
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