Android 12 Brings About Changes, It Will Now Allow You To Limit Apps in Media Player

Android companies are bringing out new changes with each new Android version they are introducing. Last year, when Android 11 came out it had a ton of new features to offer. The best among the new updates was a media playback interface that lived up in the Quick Settings panel and gave us the ability to control what is playing on our phone. The down side of this was that it took a lot of time for the public to understand the use and proper functioning of this feature as Android previously prior to the release had given no update, but things look different for Android version 12.

Google has enlightened the public with the set of new features that the new version of Android (i.e.: 12) will offer. One of the main feature among them is the functionality changes in the media control.

Previously, on the top bar of the phone whatever media you were playing, its icon appeared. For example, if you played music on a certain app on the top scroll down bar a control panel would appear indicating on which app what song is playing with the options of pausing, moving forward and backward. While the control panel sticked indefinitely in its place until a certain media was not removed or stopped listening to, but it is changing in Android 12.

The new version of Android 12 Developer Preview 1, there are certain changes that gives the user a lot of control in managing which apps they want to be viewed on the top because Google is now adding new controls which will limit that what apps will you allow to use this interface.

In the new version, only those applications will use Quick Settings media player which the user will grant permission to. According to the company, initially all the media players will be active by default and the user can later change that and untick all those that they do not want to see on their Quick Settings Media Player.

Considering how there were so many changes brought about in Android 11 before its initial release it is expected that Android 12 version will also under gone a lot more changes before it is officially released and to say if these features mentioned above will be the exact same would be an overstatement as nothing is confirmed as of now, but we will see what the new version brings with itself soon when it is released.

H/T: XDA / Mishaal Rahman.

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