Android 12 OS Is Getting More New Features Than We Anticipated

Android after its version 11 last year has now released Android 12 which came out earlier than it was expected. The new version has a lot of new and unique features that were previously not seen in any of the previous versions. Google just released the first out look of the new Android version in Pixel 3 series, 3a series, Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a series, and the lonesome Pixel 5. Developers can also get Android 12 on the Android studio emulator. Unlike the Android version 11 whose features were not shown or told to the public until its release, things are different for Android version 12. The new features were brought to the public knowledge before its release and the functionality was described thoroughly as well. Let us take you down on the road of the new features that this version is offering.

Built from the changes and mistakes of Android 11, Android 12 promises to give the users a more modern look and easier functional UI use as well as provides the users with improved transitions and animations. Faster notifications are promised by the company as well. An API will allow you to drag and drop content from the keyboard or clipboard as well as it will make moving of pictures and videos in between apps more efficiently and easily. The new version unlike the previous versions will also support new container format, which can hit a higher quality at lower sizes compared to older formats. The company said that they will provide a “audio-coupled haptic feedback” but since this term was not clarified properly we think that this means that like your phone will be able to "play" dynamically generated haptics based on sound in certain circumstances. Another really great update will be that navigations on map can appear on full screen view now for users to look at the map while driving more clearly and it will require you only one swipe rather than the normal two to exit the full screen view.

Apart from all these features some security and privacy targeted changes have been made as well like cookie adjustments for WebView, MAC restrictions, and controls for device identifiers are also included. However, Google did not mention anything about the news that was previously leaked. Before the launch updates on the new version about the camera and microphone were leaked but Google in their announcement did not mention any such changes in both camera and microphones. We think that this might be because the features are hidden or simply the company forgot to mention it in their interview.

However, while testing the device there were a few other new changes in Android 12 that people found which were not mentioned by Google.

The new version gives a light blue look in the settings option which were not present before. An emergency button has also been developed similar to iOS which will allow you to make an emergency call to your saved emergency contact just by pressing the power button a few times. Once you take a screenshot you will be availed with even more new tools to edit it as your liking. The new feature called “Silky Home” will give the Settings Menu a whole new UI inspired look. You can easily share Wifi Passwords well and you will not have to share QR code or ramble off a strings of characters.

All these features are set to make the new version Android 12 the most epic update up until now of Android. The features are amazing, have been made after a lot of consideration and seeing what will the user preference be and developed according to that.

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