Google will finally be launching the overdue scrolling screenshot feature in Android 12

Ever been in a situation where you wanted to take a screen shot but upon doing that you miss out on the last two three lines? And then you would have to take another screenshot just to get that information in? Well, good news! We will soon see this feature come out with the new Android 12 which is expected to release soon this year!

Google made everyone really excited when they said that the scrolling screenshot feature will mark its way into Android 11, but this feature wasn’t developed properly at that time and had some issues resulting in not making it to the final cut of the Android 11. Now this long overdue feature will be definitely making its way on Android 12. It is a hidden feature and hasn’t yet been properly developed, many saw this with the demo of Android 12 that got released in February of this year but Google will make out a way to set this feature properly into motion soon. During the demo it was seen that the scrolling feature caused the whole system to cash, this feature was discovered and tested to be in Android 12 by XDA developer’s Mishaal Rahman.

The final version of Android 12 is expected to roll out most probably during the third quarter of 2021. Other manufacturers like Samsung and Realme have developed this feature and rolled it out into their own software for a while now. Google has taken its sweet time to get this feature on the works and above all to get it perfect but nonetheless we are still excited to see Google’s take on this feature and how users implement it into their daily tasks (which will be a lot considering the amount of screenshots one has to take daily!)

Android 12 is for sure to make a solid mark when it will be completely released for the users by September of this year. Many exciting features have been on the work by Google for quite some time for this version of Android. Users will get to see a lot new things and just can’t wait to use them with ease. Google is well known for taking its time to develop their features to perfection and that is how we know that when released, their version of these features will be the absolute best. With many security updates and countless more features coming in Google Chrome as well, let’s see how this version of Android will turn out!

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