Twitter's CEO Is Planning To Control Social Media Algorithms Through An App Store Like System

Do you wish to choose what you get to see on social media and control the ever-changing algorithms? Well, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is aiming for a similar future in which users won’t have to rely on the algorithms set by the company for the content.

Explaining the process via a call to investors, Dorsey remained strict to his vision by stating that decentralized social network is the way to make Twitter everyone’s favorite in times to come. Besides that, he also gave a comprehensive reason of why Twitter doesn’t want to control its algorithms and how the process would actually work.

As per Dorsey, Twitter can gain the advantage with the help of “a much larger corpus of conversation” that can be shown as relevant content to the respective users and by doing so, the company would be able to stand out among other platforms - just like before.

Dorsey told the investors that the development team is already excited and working on to build features that will let users decide the kind of content they would like to see on their feeds every day. Furthermore, most probably, one can expect an app-store-like view of ranking algorithms which will offer users the ultimate of ease of picking up different kinds of posts.

The ranking algorithms setup would not only be built to let people curate content but can also serve as “marketplace” in which people would be able to select different options as well. Either way, this move would only make more people engage on social media in the first place.

With decentralization, Dorsey also plans to address the problems that revolve around Section 230 - the similar law which offers platforms protection from content created by users and the one that has been an absolute favorite of legislators to target. Hence, the decentralized network may work as a way for Twitter to cleverly avoid any issues that may arise as a result of strict rules - irrespective of whether the rules may demand more moderation or Twitter to go for a neutral approach in surfacing content.

Dorsey and his team have already been working on the model for over a year now. The project, tentatively titled as Bluesky began in December 2019, and currently, Twitter is looking for a project manager to manage it. So, going by what TechCrunch published last month, the project is going through the development phase, as we write this.

For those of you who don’t know, decentralized social networks isn't a new idea as they exist in the form of Mastodon, etc. However, none of them have been successful enough.

Twitter will either work on an existing decentralized system or may choose to build a new one to cover the loopholes.

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