LinkedIn Announces New Addition Of Rising Job Opportunities To Help Recover The Economic Loss

The year 2020 was indeed a challenging year for everyone and with the massive impacts and drawbacks it has caused, the world is indeed in need of a savior. So LinkedIn has taken the first step to be that savior, by announcing new and rising job opportunities named “Jobs on the Rise’ on their platform that is followed by more than 675 million members across 150 countries. Along with few other companies like Microsoft, GitHub, etc, LinkedIn is helping 25 million people back to work who lost their jobs following COVID19. LinkedIn has made a huge name in job recruitment and startups in the online world and acts as the focal point for both employers and employees, having small as well as large businesses.

According to LinkedIn, ‘In order to support the millions of people who lost their livelihoods during the pandemic, LinkedIn’s emerging job report is changing - our annual report identifying trends ranging over five years - to focus where the scope lies. The new ‘Jobs On The Rise ‘ list features the 15 fastest-growing job trends from the year 2020 and the skills you need to have those jobs.’

LinkedIn has set forth a new report to highlight the emerging job opportunities which include a range of key roles and jobs that are in demand along with job titles, skills needed for the job, salary, and many more details related to the jobs. The new tab has been named ‘LinkedIn Product Pages’. It helps the members fill up their job or product information with the addition of images or videos to your product and to attract owners and users, it will be visible on the company’s main page.

During the past year in reaction to the pandemic, LinkedIn had made their learning courses available to all the users for free. Also, LinkedIn is providing training opportunities to help the users train for new jobs. The postings additionally incorporate understanding into the number of the jobs in every class can be directed distantly, lining up with the rising WFH move. With further access, it could become a better contributor to professional education and career development lining with rising market needs.

The most in-demand roles according to LinkedIn “Jobs On The Rise” Are ‘Digital Marketing Professionals’,’ User Experience Professionals’,’ Data Science Specialists’,’ Digital Content Creators’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence Practitioners’.

Currently, the ‘Jobs on the Rise’ feature is only for the business to business software products, with more than tens of thousands of the pages being rolled out on to the platform. With a huge number of companies preferring recruiting through LinkedIn, It can’t be too bad to update your profile and stay updated with the LinkedIn platform.


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