YouTube has made a new policy for copyright, Channels that will receive 3 strikes in 90 day, will be permanently removed

YouTube has made a very strict rule for all the channels after warning. Many channels were not serious, and they were consistently using the other clips on their videos due to which they were receiving the copyright strikes. They were consistently using unapproved music in their videos, which was against the rules of YouTube.

Those channels, especially the reaction channels receive the most strikes than any other channels are now on high alert. If they break the rules, they will lose their channels for a lifetime even though they have millions of followers. All their efforts will go to dogs if they do not stop breaking the rules.

YouTube has made its policy strict due to a disturbing event that happened this week, due to which many channels were reacting to that incident even though they were spreading the misinformation on the social media platform, including the Ex-president Trump himself.

Trump shared a video backing election fraud claim, that video was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook took strong action against Trump who is also known for making false statement. Facebook has banned his account so that he cannot post anything on this platform because he was consistently breaking the policies of Facebook.

Here are the complete details about YouTube policy in simple words is, if the channel receives one strike, it will not be able to post any video for one week. If the same channel receives the 2nd strike in 90 days, it will not be able to post anything for 2 weeks. If the same channel receives the 3rd strike in the 90 days will no longer be seen on this platform and will completely be removed from YouTube. If the person who owns that channel deletes the violated content, the strike will still be counted.

This hard move is made by YouTube due to an event that happened on Thursday when a pro-Trump protestor taken ex-federal officer into the US Capitol and damaged its halls when the lawmakers were working on election results of 2020. Vice President Mike Pence was safely taken out of that place. But, four protestor’ death was caused including a woman, which is sad news.

Photo:: SOPA Images / Getty Images

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