New Report Reveals Over 1 Billion Instances of Business App Adoption Among Enterprises

2020 has been quite the litmus test in terms of things like how tech companies can make it so that they can end up surviving into the future. In many ways, the past year has only further proven the strength of this industry, and a new report recently released by SensorTower has shown just one example of how well various areas of the tech industry have done even though so many other industries started to see flagging returns due to widespread decreases in consumer demands.

According to this report, business apps have seen a record number of installs in 2020. In fact, enterprises have adopted and installed business apps over 1 billion times over the past year, a number that shatters any previous record that might have existed. Google Play has seen a huge bump this year as well, far surpassing Apple’s app store in terms of number of installs. Android phones are far more abundant than iPhones of course, but the increase that Google Play Store has seen this past year is proportionally far higher than the increase that the App Store saw, both of which were driven by increased consumer demands for apps during periods of lockdown.

As for the success of business apps, with Zoom in particular finding a great deal of success in 2020, the lockdowns also meant that people weren’t able to go to their offices to work. Instead, they had to stay at home and work from there, something that was made easier by the existence of enterprise apps. What’s more is that there is a high chance that businesses will simply stick to this kind of arrangement since it’s cheaper for them for employees to work from home and most employees are saying they prefer it which means that enterprise apps might continue to be this popular in the future.

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