Why Is Instagram Showing a Warning Notification Before Viewing a Story?

Instagram is showing a warning notification to some users when they view the stories. Though Instagram keeps working on its features all the time to make the space user friendly this warning pop up was very new and not seen before and people are curious why? Do not worry we have some information for you.

The warning notifications when pops up on a story, the story appears blurred initially with a very readable message stating “view as (username of the account)” and below that would be written that whoever’s story that is would be able to view your name in the list of how many people have seen the following story.

We all know that Instagram blurs out a story asking for your permission to view it if the app considers it under a violent category or think this may be inappropriate to some users. Well, this is not the case in the reason the story is blurred with the message we stated above.

Even though Instagram has still not given their own statement on the matter, but the issue when brought about on Twitter, a lot of people were confused as they did not receive any such notification ever and were curious to know the reason while many people gave their two thoughts on what could the reason be for this message appearing. The most logical and agreed upon reason was that this helps people with more than one account to tell by which account do they want to view their story. People said that their presumption on this was that this helps to accommodate those to control which of their account was attributed to the story. When you receive a pop notification about a story from your different account and you tap on it Instagram will ask you which of the two accounts: the one you are currently using or the one from which the story notification popped up, would you like to view the story from. While some people think this feature is only available for iOS users only.

We still do not know whether this feature is here to stay or is simply under testing to see the preferences of the users of the social media account and Instagram is yet to make any official statement about this feature as of yet. However, if any, statement is made we will update you for sure. Till then stay tuned to find out!

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