This Short String Code Can Corrupt Your Entire Hard Disk and Researchers Have No Idea Why

There are a lot of different ways in which a malicious actor can end up influencing or damaging your system in any way, shape or form. The latest mechanism that a malicious actor can use involves a short string of code, one that involves just four characters but, if it’s used in the file path being used to save a particular file, it can end up corrupting your entire hard drive as well as all of the data that would be contained within it.

The shortcut in question that can corrupt your hard drive is $i30, and if it is in the file pathway your data would slowly start to get corruption. Innocuous though this short string may seem, it can wreak some real havoc in your system if you’re not careful. The short string can be delivered in all kinds of ways, with the most common being a zip file which would end up having this short string in its file pathway once you extract the file from its previously compressed and therefore encrypted location.

The truly sinister thing about this short string is that no one really knows why it has such a huge impact on the systems. While Microsoft as well as other independent entities have already started working on figuring out why this short string has so much of an impact, the damage that it is currently causing is not going to end up going away anytime soon and there is not all that much that anyone can do to stop it apart from being careful.

This just goes to show why you need to be very cautious whilst downloading anything at all so that you can avoid the dangers that can often come with this sort of thing in the long run.

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