WhatsApp users urged to report a scam message promptly rather than panicking about their accounts being hacked

WABetaInfo, our go-to platform for everything related to WhatsApp, has recently shared some screenshots on Twitter. These images show a typical type of pattern of messages that WhatsApp users often come across. These are some strange messages with numbers and strange signs and when a (not so tech-savvy) person receives such a message, a common reaction is that they get panicked as they think that their WhatsApp account has been hacked.

However, WABetaInfo has tweeted that if a user receives any message like this on WhatsApp, first of all, they must not panic and obviously they should not assume that they are hacked. These are basically fake messages or say scams. What the recipient should do is to ignore these messages, and if they ask for money or something like that, the recipient must promptly report the message as spam and block the sender immediately.

WABetaInfo has urged people who read this message to Retweet on Twitter and share it with others because it is very important (and sharing is caring).

Cybercrime is nothing new and hacking of WhatsApp accounts is also common. However, not all spam messages indicate a hacked account, and not every instance is to be construed as a cyberattack. Many people try to use these platforms to dupe people and earn some money.

The main thing for a user to do is to act responsibly, sensibly and be aware and very vigilant about all of their social media accounts. For the protection of WhatsApp accounts, it is important to not give out the number you use for WhatsApp to just everyone. Add only selective and known people on WhatsApp only. Secondly, never share your six-digit verification code that WhatsApp sends to your mobile number through an SMS with anyone. It can also open ways for hackers to log into your WhatsApp account.

It is also important to enable the two-step verification process and set a secure PIN for your account. Adding an email address will help you recover your account in case you forget your PIN.

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