Microsoft Windows 10 Is Still Available For Some Lucky Users To Download For Free

New to Microsoft desktops? Using an older setup with Windows 7 or 8? Not to worry, as you can easily install Windows 10 online through the official Microsoft channel!

Now, the logical questions that follow such a revelation would either be "why would Microsoft put such a major product of theirs up for free?" or, "yes, we were aware of this, why does the news strike as being important"? Questions that, through the course of this article, we'll tackle one at a time!

Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft on 2015. It promised a highly interactive yet accessible interface for Windows 7, 8, and Vista users alike, along with a constant slew of updates to keep the product sleek.

Released to the general public on July 29, it received a rather prickly welcome from tech analysts, as opposed to a warm one from the average user. What further sweetened the deal for the latter was it's easy availability. Windows 8 users with retail store copies could upgrade to the new version via the Windows Store. And, to answer the first of our two questions, it was made available online on MSDN and Technet, free of cost. A rather effective marketing scheme, considering its current popularity.

To answer the second of our queries, it seems that this free product's availability is erroneous. The online download links were announced by Microsoft to only last a year, after which users would be expected to purchase the product. Yet, it seems that Microsoft has absolutely forgotten this promise, as the links remain available to this day, 5 years after launch, as spotted by WL. Although branding this as a mistake seems a bit rushed, if not harsh, in judgement.

The more likely answer, and apparently confirmed by anonymous sources at Microsoft, is that the company's deadline of one year was also part of the marketing campaign. The company had set a self-imposed limit to spread Windows 10 across a billion devices within three years of launch. That goal, eventually being achieved in 2020, gave the company incentive to drive its users towards not only just downloading the software, but downloading it as soon as possible.

When that goal clearly wasn't going to pan out (to be fair, people loved Windows 7 and shifting to a new software takes time and adjustment), pulling the link would come off as counter-intuitive. Therefore, it still lies online. If you're looking to get a Windows 10, and get it activated, the process lies in a simple Google Search.

At least for now. Considering the fact that Microsoft has reached its goal, we may be due for a website update.

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