New Twitter Report Looks Into The Tweets Data From Successful Brands To Present A List of Customer Care Trends

Sprinklr, the Software as a Service (SaaS) customer experience management platform has recently published a report in collaboration with Twitter, highlighting the best customer care trends and habits that brands must pertain to for an optimal outcome in 2021.

The report, published by Twitter with insights and analysis by Sprinklr, took into account an approximate half a billion tweets across 1,226 different handles on the social media platform in order to gauge what practices best resonated with a brand’s core audience. Titled “From AM to DM: Twitter customer care in a 24/7 world”, the report is available to download from Twitter’s partners webpage. Let’s see what these companies have to say about brand handling across the new year.

Attending a customer’s wants and needs is a must, as any number of managers could swear by. However, Sprinklr goes as far as to quantify this statement, highlighting that top brands on Twitter were noted to reply 8 times more than the normal brand average, and 3 times faster as well. This, the study notes, would further lead to mentions and, accordingly, public attention on the platform since customers realize that these brands will address their queries and value their opinions. It obviously isn’t possible to address every query, especially for newer startups with a smaller workforce, but attempting one’s best is never a bad idea.

78% of successful brands also actively took ownership of customer complaints. This is an important step. While wallowing in the grief that comes with mistakes is not at all unnecessary, since everyone slips up every now and then, owning up to those mistakes builds trust with one’s customers and only leads to further loyalty. Considering, of course, that these mistakes don’t in and of themselves become a staple of the brand. Proper customer care also requires that brands better themselves with each blow.

Brands that have a properly developed customer care system on Twitter also had 6 times the number of followers as compared to ones that are still struggling to leave a mark. Establishing a sense of humanity, as opposed to a bot giving out generic answers, is imperative to that very system. A highly renowned example is Wendy’s Twitter account. Rather than being a dormant account that tweets out promotions, the social media team behind it has turned the handle into an actively engaging mascot, indulging not only in customer complaints but also a fun amount of ribbing the competition.

80% of well-established financial companies on Twitter had a separate account dedicated to customer care. While one would assume that smaller brands don’t have the manpower to function like this, the division of accounts will only make addressing customer tweets all the easier, as users self-segregate themselves. The extra account will also add to a brand’s image of caring for its customer base, at least enough to dedicate and manage an entire space for their concerns.

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