WhatsApp is testing 'Read Later' feature, a handy change for its Android users

WhatsApp is a free messaging platform created in 2009, that allowed its user to log in through the phone number. You can send messages to your friends and family sitting anywhere around the world and even you can make a voice call, and video calls. Having 1.5 billion monthly active users all over the world, WhatsApp is bringing some updates to make this app work even better, and according to the requirement of its users.

Recently, WhatsApp has launched its new updated version, WhatsApp beta for Android, in which WhatsApp made some changes and additions. WhatsApp has given the answers to some common questions from its users. WhatsApp answered the question of its development that this update is not yet completed still in the development stage and the release date of its launch is still unknown but hopefully, it will launch soon with some exciting features.

WhatsApp also answered a question asked that some people are having the same version of its update, but they are seeing nothing new in this version, it is still not available yet. People will see the preview of the future build feature.

According to a report, WhatsApp had a previous feature of Archived chats which is going to be replaced by the Read later option, in which you can save the chats for the future read or in short you can save your chat for the future.

In the past few months, there were some allegations on WhatsApp about the privacy of its calls and chats, still, in recent updates, WhatsApp talked about its term of services in the new update. It added a new feature Read later, because in the Archived chats previously, users muted the chats that were in the archive to lower the interruptions. When the users will open the Read Later, they will find the presentation banner that will show some changes in this option, which will help its users to understand this option even better.

If users do not like to read later, they can downgrade to the old function when it will be available to all the users. Still, it is in the development stage, but soon it will be launched and will elaborate on the purpose of Read Later section.
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