What Digital Marketing Trends Will 2021 Bring For Us All? (infographic)

Liana Technologies recently put together an infographic, highlighting marketing trends that will possibly show prevalence across 2021.

Well, congratulations seem to be in order. We've all collectively made it out of 2020, and are immediately setting our sights towards the new year, hoping for better prospects. Liana has prepared this infographic that brands and businesses can look towards in their preparations to build customer bases and communities.

Listed in a Top 10 fashion, the first stop on our list is brand accountability. Which, honestly, makes sense. Startups and the like displaying genuineness and purpose in their actions grew at the twice the rate of their competition. When our big brands such as Facebook and TikTok are constantly being the subject of legal issues, it makes sense that frank honestly comes off as refreshing.

Influencer marketing, even those avenues that rely on smaller influencers, seem to be getting higher engagements. Defined as accounts with less than 25,000 followers, they bring dedicated audiences along, which provides businesses with a big boost.

Videos will be an absolute requirement, as post without them get 92% less traffic on their originating accounts. Another point on the list states that automation will be the paving stone of future development. While this certainly has some truth to it, with Bing proudly claiming that their Search Engine almost entirely relies on AI, outlets such as Google are still being slow and steady with such technology.

Data visualization is going to be top-tier skill to pick up in the marketing business, as people look for more sophisticated models that deliver a ton of information in a streamlined manner. Customers will also be more wary of companies asking for excessive information, as paranoia regarding information theft and surveillance begins to settle in with the general populace.

It is highly expected that the at-home and remote working culture brought on by COVID-19 is around to stay, in one form or another. Especially since 82% of the remote workforce would prefer this newer model.

2020 brought along virtual events such as Comic Con and even the 72nd Primetime Emmys, the latter of which relied on a mix of on-stage presentation and video calling. Either due to trend persistence or the lingering effects of COVID, hybrid events are projected to stick around.

TIME Magazine listed "you" as the Person of the Year in 2006, a clever nod at the rise of user generated content (UGC). Well, to no one's surprise, TIME seems to have their money on the right horse, since UGC is expected to carry advertising through 2021. Ads featuring UGC saw about 400% more interaction than their competitors.

And finally, E-commerce is expected to keep chugging ahead at full steam. Considering how much people have gotten comfortable with online shopping over the pandemic's course, business and brands should focus on building their online reputation more and more.

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