12 YouTube Video Ideas for Businesses

YouTube is a huge platform that receives around 2 billion users every month. For this reason, both individuals and businesses want to create a strong presence on the platform to attract users and benefit from them. Companies, in fact, can generate a lot of sales through their content and boost their brand loyalty.

If you own a business and think about creating a YouTube channel for it, now is the right time to do it. More and more companies add this platform to their social media marketing strategies. However, when you start creating videos, you also need to get YouTube likes and views. This way, you will reach more users and get the reasonable engagement.

In this article, you are going to discover video ideas for your business, that'll help in growth-hacking your YouTube channel.

#1 Product Showcase

First of all, a YouTube channel is the perfect platform to showcase your products or services. Through a video, you can show how the product looks and show its features. You can use a video like this to promote your product by embedding it on your social media and various other websites. In any case, remember to purchase cheap YouTube likes to bring it to more users.

#2 Tips on How to Use Your Product

Another type of video fit for a business YouTube channel is a how-to or tutorial video. Your products or services likely have plenty of features that many of the users might not know how to take advantage of. Therefore, create small and easy-to-follow videos showing how they can use your product and enjoy it at its best.

#3 Meet the Team

One more type of video that will be perfect for a business’s YouTube channel is a meet the team video. Normally, a business is a faceless entity. However, a YouTube channel transforms your brand’s image by showing the employees’ faces. Your customers will feel closer to your company, thus boosting their loyalty towards you.

#4 Behind the Scenes Videos

Another type of video that you can post on the YouTube channel of your business is a behind the scenes video. This specific video is very flexible as it can show footage from the product’s production process, or behind the scenes from events, or even the shooting of your promotional videos. No matter what you choose to upload though, you can buy YouTube likes to boost your content.

#5 Interview with the Industry’s Experts

Users will subscribe to your channel to learn more about your products. However, they will appreciate it even more if you provide them insights into your industry. If they have subscribed to your channel, then you can understand that they are interested in the whole niche. Therefore, an interview with an expert will gain a lot of attention, bringing you closer to more potential customers.

#6 Webinar

One more valuable type of content for your business’s YouTube channel is to host a webinar. This type of video will benefit you in multiple ways. First of all, you will attract more potential customers. Furthermore, you will establish yourself as an expert in the field, which is important for a new startup and business.

#7 Top 10 List Video

Apart from the serious content that every company must upload, you also need to create some interesting and informative videos. For this reason, you need to create Top 10 list videos that are very popular on YouTube and many users prefer them. Of course, these lists must be according to your industry so that they attract the right users. If you also get YouTube likes, you can bring more attention to these videos and earn more subscribers.

#8 New Products or Services Announcement

A business’s YouTube channel is the right platform for its various announcements. This is even more essential when you want to make a new product or service announcement. The video is a format that engages users all over the Internet and so you can embed the YouTube video to blogs, websites, and social media platforms.

#9 Live Stream from an Event

As a business, you are most certainly hosting various events that take place offline. Nevertheless, with a YouTube channel, you can let users that live far away attend the events and learn about your business. After the live stream, you can upload the video to your channel and make it available to even more users.

#10 Video Contest

One of the best ways to attract users to your channel and make them interested in your product is to organize a contest. The comments that you will get on your video contest will boost the engagement of your channel, which is a great promotion for your channel. When you host a contest, don’t forget to get YouTube likes to bring more attention to it.

#11 Influencer Collaborations

An easy way to boost your sales and gain a lot of new subscribers is to collaborate with various influencers. You can have them create a video showcasing your product, a video tutorial, or shoot a sketch where they use your product. In any case, a collaboration like this will be beneficial for you.

#12 Humor

Users are more attracted to businesses that can also create funny content that keeps them entertained, rather than businesses that only post serious videos. For this reason, you can shoot short funny videos with your employees or influencers. Of course, your product must also appear on the video so that you also get the extra promotion.

All of these video ideas will enrich your YouTube channel and keep your subscribers entertained. No matter the type of content that you post though, remember to promote your YouTube videos to increase its engagement.

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