Snapchat Is Planning To Extend Its Bitmoji Fashion With Another Exciting Feature

We are gradually entering into a world where dressing up your Bitmoji avatar is as important as taking care of yourself and hence for the similar matter, Snapchat (as spotted by @mtatsis) is testing a new clothing option that will let users choose a range of fashion items from different retailers for their Bitmojis.

Being a part of their new eCommerce initiative, this new information got revealed through a patent which has been filed by the parent company ‘Snap’ which is based on the process that goes behind the working of the feature. So, precisely Snap is partnering up with top fashion retailers to design the Bitmoji versions dressed in their items.

The end result will be a win for both customers and the brand as the latter will get the opportunity to showcase their new collections in an engaging way, the former on the other hand, will also get to try out those clothing options for free on their digital avatar inside the app.

This update is more or less an extension of the existing Bitmoji feature of Snapchat for which the company has already made digital outfits available for users from Jordan and Ralph Lauren. Furthermore, Snapchat also partnered up with Levi’s in December 2020 due to which we also saw Bitmojis dressed up in Levi’s outfits as well.

Moreover, Bitmoji clothing options is a great way to transform Snapchat into a virtual advertising world as well since brands are always looking for opportunities to connect more with potential customers. Therefore with this, the fashion retailers would finally be reaching out to more people who are brand conscious around the world.

With a rising trend of buying stuff digitally, Snapchat wants to be another key player in the social media world that wishes to maximize its revenue by incorporating the eCommerce option. The company took the first step with 'shoppable' Snap Original shows back in June 2019, and ever since then they have been working with more brands for new eCommerce integrations such as scannable barcodes logos and AR ‘try on’ feature.

Going by the statistics, almost 70% of the app's users engage with friends through their Bitmoji characters in some way. So, if Snapchat is able to bring in more retailers, the company would be able to project a vision of the new clothing items on behalf of the brands through the Bitmoji characters which might also serve to be a great vehicle for promotion and brand affiliation as well.

The feature also holds the potential of turning out as a massive breakthrough as AR is the future of the fashion industry.

H/T: Andrew Hutchinson / SMT.

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