Twitter Grants Free Access of Full Tweet Archive to The Academic Researchers

Twitter is the main hub for emerging trends and for people to tweet their thoughts and feelings about a certain topic or news or simply something very random, and that is why it is the best place for people wanting to study user behaviors and trends related to some online discussion.

Previously, Twitter did not have a strong relationship with research and developing communities. Their developing platform made it very hard for researchers to access the data they were looking for and they had to rely on their own resources. This made both researchers and developers stand at a very un-ideal relationship with the company because of its continuous and sometimes adversarial product development over the years. This notable relation began specially in 2012 when Twitter decided to cut the key developer access to maintain stricter control, but now Twitter has decided to change its ways.

Despite all this Twitter remains the most visited place for academic researchers in search of their data. Twitter acknowledges this and changed its data availability, access for the third party academic researchers and now it no longer requires the third party to pay for premium or enterprise developer access and will make the full history of public conversation tweets and comments on twitter for free. Even those that have been archived.

Tornes and Trujillo, who are the product managers at Twitter also said that the company has taken several positive steps to improve their tools over the past year and also is trying to convince researchers and developers that they want to make amends with them and help them.

Though, Twitter has opened up its public archive they do have some limitations and rules. Twitter said that academics and developers can apply for academic research track on the company’s website however the access to the archived tweets and everything else will only be granted to the independent researchers and journalist or if you are a student of an academic institution or in some way related to that work. However, they did not fail to mention that the access will be to accounts that are in working and not to those that have been banned or deleted. That means that the account of the former president of United States, Donald Trump is also off the charts. Apart from all this Twitter is also giving approved applicants a tweet cap of 10 million tweets which is 20 times higher than the standard tweet track. They have also allowed and improved more precise studying and provided more accurate filtering to help researchers find the accurate and relevant data more easily and save time to make better use of it in their studies.

Photo: Alexander Shatov

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