Google is planning to release a simplified version of Android called Microdroid

Google is on an effort to improve security and virtualization on Android hardware. For these purposes, Google is set to release Microdroid, published in the development directory by an engineer at Google, Jiyong Park. Microdroid will basically be a newer lighter version of Android system image. Generic system image or GSI is a system with arrangements adjusted for Android devices along with the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. Google aims for Microdroid to run systems in a virtual machine. In short, Google’s main goal is to develop something that is like android but with better virtualization and security for individual android apps. Microdroid will also be able to communicate with the underlying hosts of Android for better working.

The virtualization module in the Linux kernel which is the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is being worked upon by Google for it to be brought into Android devices powered by ARM64 SoCs which will also ensure to lay another protective blanket of security for example it will help with DRM applications (direct rights management). This code can run through any virtual machine with the same level as the Android operating system. Microdroid is planned to run alongside with the Kernel Virtualization Project (KVM).

Jake Edge, a freelance journalist, says that bringing the KVM support in Android will not benefit the third part code running at Armv8’s highly beneficial levels. Third party codes are basically compiled codes from third party software that can be run instead in a virtual machine. Google is planning to design the simplified version of the mobile system android i.e. the Microdroid, on the basis of this code. Google is also planning to run virtual machines with Microdroid alongside witth android and for this it might be possible that this would be linked with the release of the new Type-1 Hypervisor in the Snapdragon 888.

Google wants to adjust the OS of Chrome which runs Linux apps on Chrome’s OS in Android to ensure that the virtual machines work together in order. A new APEX package called ‘Virtualization’ will also be released with the crosvm with bringing the KVM project for ARM64 for Android’s Linux kernel.

It is believed that performance is sure to improve if Microdroid is developed with a much better virtualization than Android. This will prove to be a simplified version of Android hence all of its components will be at the minimum as well.


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