Elson Musk has become the richest man on earth in 2021 by overtaking Amazon owner Jeff Bezos

The USA has become a country with the most billionaires. It is around number 614. Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos remained the richest man on earth for three years consistently with a worth of 186 billion dollars. 15 percent shares price were increased in Amazon since 2019. It has become a race of becoming the richest man on the planet for many years and no one is retaining its position consistently in the world. Now, this is the time of Elson Musk. He has beaten the Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and became the richest man on the planet with a net worth of 186 billion dollars.

This week, Elson Musk owned electric car company Tesla’s share price has increased due to which he became the richest man. Due to a rise in the share price, the Tesla company has hit the market value of 816 billion dollars.

When it is announced that he has become the richest man, Elson Musk tweeted “How Strange’’ Lets back to work. The Tesla company owner tried his luck and invested 150 billion dollars in the past years and his luck was good. The share price was raised to 740 percent in 2020.

Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

This Thursday Amazon’s shares were raised 1 percent, whereas, the electric car company Tesla’s shares were raised at 8 percent that made a lot of difference.

As of this writing, Amazon’s owner net worth is 186 billion dollars and Tesla company’s founder net worth became 209 billion dollars. 23 extra billion made Elson Musk the richest man on the planet, i.e. according to Bloomberg billionaire index. In 2018, Elson tried to sell Tesla to Apple company, now it is proved that not selling Tesla to Apple company is become the luckiest decision.

Musk’s wealth replicates 20 percent roughly in Tesla and 48 percent in Space, whereas, Bezos’s wealth drives from an 11 percent stake in Amazon. However, the race is not over yet. The third richest man on earth Bill Gates net worth closes on 134 billion dollars leaving the other far behind.

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