A New Downloads Experience for Microsoft Edge Users is Reportedly in the Works

It looks like Microsoft is adamant about making Edge a convenient browser for the users. After the introduction of the new History and Favorites experience, Microsoft is now about to roll out a new Downloads Menu to the browser. The said menu will allow you to control downloads efficiently. Currently, as reported by TD, a limited number of users in Edge 89 Canary can access this menu through the Controlled Feature rollouts.

Once (and if) it’s available for you to use, all you will have to do is click on the downloads icon on the toolbar. You will also notice a similarity between the flyout of downloads and that of Favorites and History. If you do not want to see the downloads icon on the toolbar, you will have the option to hide it.

For every download you initiate, Edge will provide you with options to open or save it. To control each download, make sure that the “Ask me what to do with each download” option is present on Settings.

Additionally, you will be able to pause, as well as, resume an incomplete download that is in progress.

Moreover, Microsoft’s Downloads flyout for Edge will allow you to manage every download, delete downloads history, gain access to downloads Settings, and hide the downloads icon on the toolbar.

Moreover, it’s also been speculated that the extension responsible for enabling the Download menu in Edge such as Firefox might be rendered useless soon.

However, a common downside reported about the latest flyouts (resembling Edge legacy Hub) is that they take considerable time to load and that their navigation isn’t as simple as one may want it to be. Currently, there is no update on any resolution for this issue.

Have you been able to access the new Downloads menu in Edge? If yes, how would you describe your experience so far? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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