This week Google will launch App Store privacy labels on iOS apps

Recently Apple revealed new Apple store privacy label policies. In response to this, Google is updating its iOS apps as it does not want to work under the newly released policies of Apple. As per the new policy, the developers are asked to report the data collected from the App store users. Google is not exactly planning to go against the privacy labels instead it is working to launch privacy all over its iOS app range by this week or the coming week.

Considering the report presented by Fast Company, it was claimed that since Google is not willing to be open the data collected from the users as it is a requirement of the new privacy policy by Apple, therefore it is delaying the process of updating its all iOS apps. Interestingly, since the implementation of the new privacy policy released by Apple, Google has not been updated any single app. The last update made by Google was before December 7 and just a day after that Apple launches its new privacy labels.

During the end of November and the start of December, Google made a lot of changes in almost all the apps to make sure that the apps are updated before the launch of the new privacy policy. Even though, after the implication of privacy policy, two of the apps are modified by Google but the update was not according to the policy. On December 14th, the slideshow presentation app was updated and a Socratic was updated on December 15th.

Although it seems like Google is avoiding to comply with new privacy policies. But Amazon and Pinterest also haven’t updated their system. This does not mean that Google will ignore privacy policies by Apple. In reality, the executives of Google are planning to hold a meeting so that things get sorted out. It is not confirmed that Apple is showing leniency to Google for not updating apps according to the new privacy policy and not providing privacy label information.

Google spokesperson claimed that they are working to update the apps in compliance with the new privacy labels. The exact date is not disclosed yet but privacy labels might come out this week or in upcoming weeks.

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