Apple is probably planning to launch some unspecified AR/VR device in 2021 and tech gurus think that it can be their AR glasses

Since 2017, Apple has been making news about its AR glasses and people sit back in anticipation that they are releasing now, but the supposed launch never happens, and these glasses haven’t made it to the markets as yet. However, 2021 may be a little different!

Facebook is already on the verge of launching its AR glasses in the form of its ‘Project Aria’ prototype this year, and this may be the push for Apple to finally launch its AR glasses too.

Some other competitor companies are developing such glasses, and the competition seems to be getting tight around Apple’s neck.

According to DigiTimes (via Mac Rumors), all the Apple suppliers have been told to brace themselves and gear up for the upcoming unspecified AR/VR release from Apple. It is not known yet whether it will be an AR device or a VR, but assuming that Apple has been diligently working on its AR glasses for several years, it seems likely that this is the time that they are finally going to be launched. Especially with staunch rival Facebook also in line to release the same technology.

Although, for Apple, it is going to be quite simple as these glasses will be like an accessory for the iPhone and could be used without the need for Apple to develop a separate device.

For Facebook, these AR glasses will be a little challenging as they will need a separate device or a way to connect through different mobile applications. With Android, it will still be easy for Facebook, but taking help from Apple to facilitate Facebook’s AR glasses through iOS will prove to be a little difficult. The reason is that Apple and Facebook are in a serious tiff because of Apple’s IDFA changes for iOS 14 and Facebook’s strong opposition to this move. Facebook has gone so far that it actually started what looked like an anti-Apple ad campaign just a month ago!

Now, in such circumstances, can Facebook still be at an advantage even if it releases its AR glasses before Apple? Only time can tell. So far, we do not even know if Apple is actually going to push its AR glasses in 2021 or not.

On the other hand, despite all the challenges, Facebook is quite sure about releasing these glasses this year. AR glasses are going to expand Facebook’s original mission of enhanced and improved social connectivity. With the technology of Augmented and Virtual Reality mapping the environment for the users, through Facebook’s Oculus, this social connectivity will be more immersive and would feel just as real as it gets!

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