Due to a flaw in the famous video-sharing app TikTok, private information such as phone numbers and profile have leaked

TikTok is a famous video-sharing app having more than a billion users per month. TikTok offers 15 seconds to 1-minute content of all types from education to entertainment. Due to the popularity of TikTok many other social media platforms are trying to adopt the the short video trend. Many people share their profile information on this app. However, the privacy of TikTok maybe called into question due to a bug in it. It is said that the privacy of some users may be leaked due to a flaw in the app.

Due to the leakage of important information to the public, many accounts of famous people have been hacked, their hacked profile may be used for malicious activities or these profiles may be used to disseminating fake information to the public.

Recently, a flaw has been found in this popular app due to which the phone numbers and profile settings of the users have been stolen. According to the researchers, this leaked information may be used for some malicious activities, which could harm the prestige of the user.

However, no cases have yet been reported to the cybercrime for the manipulation of the stolen information. But, still, there is a risk, because, the weaknesses in the find friends option have also been found that the nicknames, profile and unique character IDs have been leaked. If any of this stolen information is used in any kind of negative activity, this could harm the Goodwill of this app, because people will not trust this app, which could even affect the budget of this app.

The hacker can use such information for spear-phishing or many other types of criminal activities, and it will become very difficult to reach this attack using the stolen information in its favor. Ekram Ahmed the spokesperson of Check Point has said that to use a minimum of your personal data on this app. TikTok is thankful to the Check Point team for finding out the flaws in their app so that it can timely control this leakage of information.

TikTok said that it will try its best to control the leakage of information, because the security of users data is its main priority, and the social network will try its best to maintain its capabilities, it will further invest in its securities work.

TikTok was once sued in the year 2019 due to the allegation by the user that TikTok is sharing information with the Chinese Government, due to which TikTok was banned in the Government Phones by the US army.

This is not the first time, the flaws in the app have been found.

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