Snapchat has added a new feature on its spotlight clips, where you can see the total number of public views just like TikTok

People are now more interested in watching small video clips in seconds as compared to lengthy videos. This has become a trend now which the TikTok introduced, where you can see the total number of public views on your video clip. This will give you the data about your videos that how much popularity your video is making in your public. Keeping in view this trend, other social media platform is also adopting this short-form video clips.

Snapchat is also trying to adopt this trend, to bring the large traffic on its platform. Recently, Snapchat has added a public view count on its spotlight clips just like you can see the number of views on TikTok videos after publishing your video. You can get the benefit of comparing your current video with the previous one, and you can put your effort into your video accordingly.

The trend of short-form video content is getting much popularity in the younger generation; therefore, all social media platforms are trying to convert the functionality of their videos into short form. People nowadays follow the trend more than content-based video. It is possible that some people may not like this short-form video, but somehow, Snapchat has taken another step of TikTok by showing you the option of checking the view count of the public on your video. The views count will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen. Whereas, the TikTok views count is seen on the thumbnail of the video.

Recently, App Annie has issued a report that in the year 2020, people were more interested in spending most of their time watching videos on TikTok, as compared to Facebook, or any other social media platform. This is not it; it is an assumption that TikTok will get more than 1.2 billion users in 2021 which is a big number, just because TikTok has introduced a new trend to the public, which gained much popularity.

Therefore, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat have decided to adopt the same option to gain the traffic of TikTok on their platform. Still, Snapchat is not sure whether this feature will get the same popularity as TikTok got in the previous year. Snapchat is also much popular platform among youngsters especially, this app is renowned for its filters option. This recent addition could be the winner of this app. Adapting other’s platform trend has never been the habit of Snapchat, but to retain the traffic on this platform, Snapchat had no other option.

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