Microsoft has made a comparison of Apple’s MacBook pro with its latest Surface Pro 7 in an Ad

Well everybody knows about the prices of Apple products due to its name and popularity in the public. Many people who use Apple products usually do not prefer to switch their products with an Android device. However, people think that Apple’s device does not lag at all and provides smooth performance, but the thing is many people cannot afford Apple devices such as iPhones, MacBook, iPad, etc.

This is a market of perfect competition where many companies are trying to switch the minds of many customers of Apple Inc. by offering them an affordable price with the same or even more features in their devices. Microsoft is a renowned competitor of Apple company, provide devices that have the capabilities to beat MacBook in performances and features.

Recently, Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro 7 which can be used as a tablet and work as a laptop. This Surface Pro 7 has a pen, touchable screen if you want to use it as a tablet, it also has a keypad which you can attach, or you can even remove it. It has the power to run all your favorite apps. This device is suitable for work and even gameplays. This device can run all heavy games on it. This could be a perfect option for younger kids too who want to have the experience of high-level gaming.

This could be a better option for you if you want to have a better experience than Apple’s MacBook Pro, which you cannot use for heavy gameplays, which also has an attached keyboard that you cannot remove. However, the MacBook Pro has a price of $1299 in the market, whereas, the Surface Pro 7 provide more features than the MacBook at an affordable price, as shown in an ad on YouTube. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 has a starting price of 750 dollars, having a screen size of 12.3 inches, storage of 128GB, with 4 GB RAM. However, if you want to increase the storage up to 1TB, the price may go up to 2,300 dollars.

On the other hand, the MacBook pro starts from 1,299 dollars with 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage, you can increase your storage up to 2TB with an SSD for 2,299 dollars.

Microsoft has made Surface Pro 7 a versatile device that can be used by a professional who wants to work on it or it can be used by a kid who wants to play heavy games, such as Fortnite, Asphalt game.

You will not regret your choice if you prefer Surface Pro 7 over MacBook pro. You can also watch the video ad below.

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