Google has added a sharing button to Chrome Custom tabs that allow other websites to use the Google browser when a user opens a link

Custom Tabs is a kind of browser feature which is launched by Google Chrome. This is now supported by many browsers on Android. With the help of a custom tab, this gives more control over the web experience, and makes the transitions between the natural and web content without resorting to a WebView.

With the help of custom tabs, an app can customize the browser shapes and textures. If your app recommends the searcher URL outside the domain, it will be better to use the custom tabs, because it supports the web features and the abilities of the browsers. It is easy to make and no need of getting permission and message requests and cookies stores.

However, if you are hosting your personal content in your app, then you can take the option of WebView as well. Chrome custom tabs are used all over the world due to their simple usage and can be managed easily, it also works stable on Android devices. The third-party apps also can take the benefits of using the Chrome Browser when the searcher open such links.

Google has released its new update of Chrome 88 in which the custom tabs are getting a new share button. Other website developers can take the benefits of matching their apps style by customizing the custom tabs. Just Twitter use the button, which you can use to open the window and you can put your URL, similarly in the Google custom tabs, you can also add a button to the app bar, on the left side of the menu.

However, the social media apps do not come under this, so that users can share the content from the social media. These can create copyright issues; therefore, many apps do not provide this experience to share the content.

Some users may find it does not worthy at all because this will take you away from the app which can reduce the assignation of the app, some people may find it as time wasting if they don’t want to go to the outside app. However, Google is fixing this problem in chrome 88 that will show only the share button to open the outside app. Some apps do not have their own Action button; therefore, this comes until the apps do not set their own Action button.

This experiment will work on Chrome 88 as soon as it is launch.

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