This Infographic Highlights Why Your Business Should Be on LinkedIn Right Now

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are bound to stay at home. Many universities and colleges are giving lectures and notes to their students and business meetings have been done through these apps. With other big names in social apps like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not behind the game. Recently LinkedIn has shared its usage stats which has increased up to a great extent in March 2020, which is the good news for LinkedIn. And if the growth trajectory keeps following the same patterns then LinkedIn will get a lot more users in 2021.

Video content and more conversation have been done in this app like all other social platforms. People find it more interesting to use these apps in a particular situation especially when they share their videos with their friends and family and comment on their videos, which increases the conversation level.

There is a possibility that LinkedIn could have become a platform for many businesses in 2021. This will generate a lot more income for the app by showing ads of many businesses and big brands. This will provide more opportunities for the brands to reach out to too many people. This will build a connection between people and brands when users get information about different brands on this platform.

Recently, LinkedIn has shared an insightful infographic to get the focus of many companies to invest on its platform. According to the data, in every second, around 3 professionals are signing into LinkedIn. This is not it, many businesses, universities, and industries group have been made on LinkedIn, if we talk about the figures of the group it is around 3 million groups. Due to these groups live streaming on LinkedIn has increased around 90 percent in the first quarter of 2020.

This is building more trust of the people and business hub on this app. LinkedIn has now more than 706 million members and this app is working in more than 200 countries and regions. Recently, 55 million companies are connected with this app directly or indirectly. LinkedIn is growing very fast especially in the COVID-19 situation and has secured its place in the top 10 fastest growing brands of the world. Around 1 billion people make interact on LinkedIn every month which is a big number. More than 60 percent of the content has been created on this app.

According to a report, almost 96 percent of B2B marketers are spreading their content through LinkedIn, and it is a hope that this app will increase these numbers in 2021.

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