Intel Plans To Make Better CPU Chips Than Apple Under The New CEO

Although Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, will take charge from February, the good thing is he is already eyeing on new ways to make the company compete with Apple’s M1 chip and become the leader again.

According to the meeting that took place in Intel’s headquarters, as reported by The Oregonian, Gelsinger has already directed the other executives that it’s about time for Intel to make products for the PC ecosystem that are way ahead of what the lifestyle company makes in Cupertino. That’s the only way for Intel to excel in the future.

In recent times, Intel has been facing tough competition from Apple and AMD. When Macbooks with the new M1 chips got introduced back in June, critics and users were super impressed with the improvements in performance and the battery life as well. So, even Apple aims to continue with Intel chips for some of their Macbooks, the company will no longer be dependent on Intel, to say the least, for chips.

On the other hand, AMD too has surprised Intel with the new Ryzen 5000 mobile chips and is already an emerging leader in gaming.

In response to the slight downfall, Intel’s current CEO Bob Swan decided to step down and this gave way to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to return to Intel’s headquarters after making chips for the company for almost 30 years previously.

Intel has been stuck at not being able to transition to the 10nm manufacturing process for years now. Previously, there has been a confirmation that Intel has delayed its 7nm chips as well till 2022.

While all of this also already puts pressure on the new CEO of whether Intel should outsource chip fabrication or not, sources like Bloomberg News also suggest that Intel has begun talking with TSMC and Samsung for the similar matter.

There is also another claim made by Market research firm TrendForce and as per their words, around 20 percent of Intel’s non-CPU chips are soon going to be outsourced by TSMC and UMC.

Analysts already think that outsourcing would be a great option for Intel considering the fact how Apple, AMD, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and other Intel competitors depend on TSMC for chip production. This move will only help Intel to clear its design issues like the 10nm.

Photo: Tyrone Siu / reuters

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