PCs See Economic Success Across 2020, Highlighting the Importance of Device Security

Canalys has recently published its data on how the PC market has been burgeoning across 2020. Moving on, it seems security will be a top notch priority for desktops everywhere.

Canalys is an technology related analytical company out of Singapore. With analytical tools and publishing based around shifting market trends in the tech world, it'll always has a word to offer about how revenue streams will be affected by changes in the marketplace. A category that 2020 fits rather well.

PCs, while definitely occupying a comfortable niche in terms of sales and profit, were being overshadowed by mobile sales as more and more people chose to invest in simple, hand held devices for their idyllic hobbies and such. PC culture has garnered a reputation over the decades of being entirely dominated by the gaming community, as even office workers started to rely on their work computers to get the job done. Until, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Canalys reported that 2020 saw an overall massive 35% boost in PC sales (desktops, notebooks, and tablets) from year end to year end. Dividing the years into 4 Qs (Q1 being January, February, and March, etc.), Q1 actually ended up being very disappointing with a net decrease in laptop sales as opposed to last year. However, Q2 is exactly when lockdown was implemented, and the results are obvious in the data. Sales shot up, easily overtaking the sales percent of Q2 in 2019, and that momentum was not lost throughout the year.

Most of this can be attributed to working from home. As more workers relied heavily on desktops for their day to day living, satisfaction for passable goods fell and consumers decided to invest in more reliable and up to date products. Canalys' Research Director Rushabh Doshi also suspects that 2021 will maintain this trend of PC reliance, which will lead to a higher demand of security on devices.

With employers and businesses projected to lean more towards PCs for operations and growth, more information will need to be entrusted to such devices as well. Naturally, the companies, vendors and channels that will prosper throughout 2021 will then be those that offer to meet the task of guarding that information. Companies such as Microsoft and Intel have already started work on such an endeavour, with their Pluton chips projected to provide heavy defense against malware. Apple itself is rolling out new security changes in its iOS 14, built around ensuring that app developers don't have access to sensitive user information without consent.

The full Canalys report can be located on their website, where a request must be filed to obtain it. A summary of the report, however, is also linked there, freely accessible.

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