Instagram is updating its Stories UI on the desktop to make the feature more engaging

Instagram is a famous social media platform owned by Facebook that has around a billion active monthly users in the year 2019. It was first launched as an iPhone app which gained 1 million users immediately after its launch. 33 percent of the most-viewed Stories are from business. People are interested in posting their stories on Instagram every day which has become their daily routine. Therefore, Instagram wants to make its stories look cool and more complete. Instagram is updating its stories in a small interface refresh today. By updating the story feature the video of the story will look more appealing to the viewers.

The viewers can watch the stories according to their choices, small circles at the top of the story feed become bigger and may give a full-screen view. For some users, this looks like a small change, but it may transform the look of a story for many users who post their stories every day. During the pandemic situation, many people work from home while using their desktop instead of mobile, they use social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on their desktop. Therefore, Instagram has decided to make such changes on the desktop. Instagram has not changed the features of its stories for many years. But now, Instagram has decided to make little changes in their stories’ looks. However, it has decided not to change the format of the story, with posts being short-lived.

Instagram has never before made changes to its story format, it is the first time, Instagram has decided to make some little changes. However, Instagram has made some big and significant changes in the video format such as Instagram is also trying to make the trend of 15-second videos such as TikTok is providing, and Instagram has also made some changes in its creative tools, such as stickers for small entrepreneurship, and new fonts styles. Instagram wants to grab most of the traffic to its platform, therefore, Instagram has introduced a reel content. Sometimes, the small changes techniques also work to grab more users on a platform. But Instagram’s main focus is to build a strong competition with TikTok’s reel content. While simultaneously, Instagram is making some small changes in its stories feature to keep it updated. the feature will be launched soon on the desktops.

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