Google to Make Its Own Tool and Stop Using Apple Tools For User Tracking for Advertisements

Google has other plans once Apple starts implementing the user consent on their IDFA.

Apple has been providing its app with a unique identifier called IDFA which helps brands and developers in linking the same users across multiple apps making it easier for the brands and developers to know which ad should be liked with which user as the user preference is known, but now Apple is changing its ways.

Apple decided to come clear with its users as the company thinks that user privacy is very important and it should be on the users to decide whether and which information they want to let the apps have. Therefore, Apple has decided to finally add a pop up which will appear when you open the app first time after this rule goes live, and will show a message indicating which data is being used by the app and will ask for consent from the user that whether or not they want this data to be shared.

While Facebook and some other applications thinks that the pop up will discourage the users and many will opt in denial of data sharing which will widely affect the advertisement on their app, but still Facebook has agreed to Apple’s demand. According to Facebook, Apple has said they will ban the Facebook app from App Store if this is not followed and considering a large population of the world are Apple users it will still greatly affect the brands that are dependent on their app, hence they opted in favor of agreement. Though Facebook has agreed, but Google has other plans.

The applications of Google present on Apple devices that are logged in have an alternative to the IDFA, but the company did not fail to tell that due to IDFA not being present developers who rely on their advertisement software will experience weaker results. The Tech Giant said that the alternative software is still under production and may take some time. Google said that developers and clients can use their software without the consent and permission of user if they want while if they want user consent they can enable that option.

Apple did say that applications which are not using IDFA still should have user consent if they show and display ads based on the data they take from other companies and applications on which Google replied that their iPhone apps will stop using and collecting data from third parties so that user privacy can be maintained and advertisements can be personalized.

Photo: Volkan basar via Getty Images

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