Instagram is reportedly bringing some new features including a ‘Collab’ sticker and the ability to react on Stories without sending a message

Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and a mobile developer who often unveils hidden features in different apps has recently tweeted about two new updates from Instagram.

According to his first tweet, Instagram is working on providing users the ability to react to Stories of others without having to send a message.

Currently, when you react to a Story with a heart or a thumbs up, or any other reaction, a message goes to the person whose Story on which you reacted. Now, it seems that Instagram is going to bypass the messaging part and a normal ‘react’ can be done just like that. According to Paluzzi, the strings used by this dialog have been added in the latest alpha version for Android.

The second update that Paluzzi shared is about a new sticker that Instagram seems to be working on. This sticker reads ‘Collab’ which is the abbreviated form of ‘Collaboration.’

When you add a photo or a video on Instagram, you can put a sticker on it too that will help you express yourself more uniquely. Most of the stickers that are available on Instagram add a fun factor to these photos and videos that you share with your friends.

Some stickers are meant for specific ideas like there is a ‘Donate’ sticker which you can put on a post of yours through which you want to raise money for a cause. Then there is a sticker for ‘Challenge,’ and a ‘Question’ sticker too. All these stickers basically make your post catchy and draw the attention of other people before they scroll through your post without ever stopping to look into or respond.

Now, with the new ‘Collab’ sticker, it is most probably going to help artists who make posts in collaboration with each other, or for people who collaborate with other organizations and facilities for some purpose, be it fundraising or advertisement. It can have numerous uses.

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