Breaker Team Announces to Join Twitter, to Improve Spaces Feature

The Breaker Team on Tuesday announced that they are collaborating and becoming a part of Twitter. Breaker is a podcast listening app based in San Francisco, which was made available for the public four years ago, on which people can find and listen to podcasts as well as like and comment on their favorite podcast episodes.

The co-founders of Breaker, Leah Culver and Erik Berlin announced that they will collaborate with Twitter to produce new experiences for its users. They will put in their knowledge and expertise and produce an audio messaging experience like other services and form a safe place called @TwitterSpaces.

The Co-founders Leah and Eric announced that they absolutely love Berker with all their heart and they believe that Podcasting has a great future and they are glad to have played a role in its development, but this opportunity from Twitter is huge and they are really excited to dig their hands in the world of audio communications. They both have been long users of Twitter and like how Twitter manages the public communication for people around the world, so both of them really want to be a part of this venture and believe it is time to move forward in life.

Both co-founders took it to Twitter announcing their new roles at @TwitterSpaces and the Twitter Team Engineering Leader, Michael Montano also tweeted that both Leah and Eric, and the designer at Breaker Emma Lundin were joining the company, saying how delighted he was to have them on board.

@Twitter Spaces will be a safe place for people where a number of people can join a blog discussion, give their insights on the topic, have discussion, send emoji’s or simply just can listen. Currently, Twitter has allowed a very small number of people to build spaces calling them online venues which are built around the voices of people using Twitter. According to a current report, Twitter Spaces will allow as many as ten people to join and speak in a discussion post while unlimited number can join and just listen. They also said that the strength of people may increase as the feature develops.

Must be wondering what will happen to Breakers then?

Breaker announced that it will be closing down on Friday, January 15th, giving time for its users to move their podcasts and subscriptions to other applications for listening. Breakers claim that since its birth, the podcast listening app has evolved and now there are a lot of different platforms currently offering public to share and listen to podcasts.

Breaker hopes its public finds new home for their podcasts and they are really excited to step onto this new path.

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