Google Maps for Android Rolls Out Much Needed Changes in The Language Settings for Its Non-English Users

For the longest time, Google Maps were only accessible in the language set on your mobile device. Meaning whatever language was set on your mobile was the language Google Map used by default, but things have changed now.

All the applications try to modernize themselves according to the changing world and needs of the public and so did Google Maps. It was recently introduced in India that Google Maps will now be accessible to the public in the language they desired irrespective of the language set on their phone.

In the choice section of the language, there is a “suggested” option which gives you a choice on languages you might prefer and then further down you may see an option highlighted as “All” which gives you a range of over 79 languages to choose from. Once you select your preferred language the application might restart while the selected language downloads in the background. Once restarted and working again, the application will display the language of your choice. This change will allow the users to search for places, get directions and navigate and interact with the application in the language of their choice. Once relaunched everything on the map changes, from the setting changes to the bottom bar search all changes to your language of choice but the names of places remain unaffected though the map layer may see a caption update.

Must be thinking how to will you change the language on your application?

To change the language on your Google Map from the language set by default in the language of your choice is quite easy. All you have to do is tap on your display avatar at the corner on your right hand side of the screen. It will lead you a page where a lot of different languages will be available in alphabetical order for you to choose from and the suggested option as written earlier will let you know what languages does it think might suit you.

The new language settings will be helpful for people who do not understand English completely and want to find ways and communicate with the app in their native language they feel easier with and it would be convenient for them to find their ways around.

We do not know the reason why Google suddenly decided to bring changes in the languages of the app, but what we do know is that this decision may not be sudden and must be being planned for months. The Tech Giant is not known for taking hasty decisions, but we are glad it brought about changes in the app and is working ways to make their app convenient and easier for its users.

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